Tel Aviv University produces most entrepreneurs in Israel, PitchBook says

TAU, Technion and the Hebrew University are ranked among the top 50 undergraduate programs in the world that produce VC-backed entrepreneurs


Tel Aviv University, the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology and the Hebrew University are ranked among the top 50 undergraduate programs that produce VC-backed entrepreneurs.

Tel Aviv University tops the Israeli universities, ranked at number eight out of the fifty and the top non-US university in the ranking, up one notch from its ranking (ninth) last year. The Technion ranked 14th, while Hebrew University ranked 35th; the pair didn’t rank in 2017.

Tel Aviv University has churned out 640 graduates-turned- entrepreneurs, who founded 531 companies raising $7.91 billion in the period between 2006 and end June 2018, the ranking, compiled by the Pitchbook Research Institute said.

This compares to 1,178 entrepreneurs and 1,015 companies that raised capital of a total of $28.84 billion for Stanford University, which topped the ranking, followed by the University of California, Berkeley, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

The Technion produced 468 entrepreneurs for the period, who set up 395 companies and raised $7.2 billion, while the Hebrew University had 304 entrepreneurs who set up 268 companies and raised $4.31 billion, the ranking said.

Harvard University ranked fourth on the list followed by the University of Pennsylvania and Cornell University.

The Aviv University and the Technion ranked eighth and 11th respectivelyfor the undergraduate programs, with the greatest number of exits, and were the only two foreign universities in the ranking of 15 universities, once again topped by Stanford, Berkeley and MIT.