Showcasing TAU Innovation in Mexico

Event supports Mexican students wishing to study at TAU. Photo: Back row, from left: Mexican Friends members, Carlos Gatt, Karen Rossow (Director) and Ferenz Feher. Front row, from left: Mexican Friends members Jaime M. Franklin, Yael Guzik and Alejandra Meyer; Prof. Yossi Rosenwaks; Mexican Friends President Jaime Murrow; and Mexican Friend Elias Shuchleib


Mexican Friends of Tel Aviv University held their first TAU Innovation Day at the World Trade Center in Mexico City, aimed at bringing together entrepreneurs and students to share ideas and knowledge on business trends and opportunities for government and international funding. The event, which was attended by 300, raised funds for the Mexican Friends of TAU Scholarship Fund, aimed at Mexican students wishing to study at TAU.

The Innovation Day featured 19 guest speakers who gave TED-style talks. These included TAU Dean of Engineering Prof. Yossi Rosenwaks, who spoke on Israel as a start-up nation; Ambassador to Mexico Jonathan Peled and TAU alumnus in economics; Massimo Scattarreggia, an Italian expert in branding and strategic marketing; Raciel Soga, an expert in company productivity and human talent management; and Ferenz Feher, entrepreneur and business consultant.

President of Mexican Friends Jaime Murrow Troice said: “Entrepreneurship, science and technology are buzzwords that we use on a daily basis; we associate these concepts with innovations that improve our way of life. Tel Aviv University is a perfect example of an institution that combines R&D to produce technologies that change the world.”