Portfolio Companies

Castor | Decision support system for utilizing industrial 3D printing. Our software provides technical analysis and cost saving advice for manufacturers which can optimize their production costs and save long lead times.

Cyabra | Cyabra defends leading brands and governmental organizations against disinformation campaigns (a.k.a. “fake news”). Our unique solution alerts and eliminates early stage attacks.

Hoopo | Hoopo enables low-power, wide-area tracking using a unique GPS independent approach. Its end-to-end solution assists in supply chain, airport and seaport cost and power efficient logistics.

Loola | Loola is a multi-channel, cross platform, interactive live streaming platform that makes it super easy for content creators and brands to broadcast beautiful content to their social channels from any device.

Medorion |Medorion is developing a patient engagement platform to help managed care organizations to efficiently carry-out digital persuasion campaigns. The platform uses behavioral based rules & AI to predict the best personalized persuasion strategy & executes it through various digital marketing channels.

Treebute |Treebute is an attributions platform, providing a place for researchers to showcase their non-published work, in order to gain recognition, find collaborators, and measure their scientific impact.

Xtend | XTEND aspires to empower humans with advanced Extended Reality Technologies based on Drones, AI, VR, GFX & Computer Vision. Their technology enables an immersive flight experience for various applications.

GlobeKeeper | GlobeKeeper introduces a secure real-time field collaboration platform for security personnel that improves officer’s response time by 60% and helps them save lives.

ArcusTeam |Automated platform for detecting vulnerabilities in ANY IoT firmware file ArcusTeam platform automatically analyzes IoT firmware files via unique reverse engineering and vulnerability evaluation technologies.

InnerPlant | There are many ag-tech analysis technologies, yet, no data. InnerPlant is the data provider. They use synthetic biology, sensor systems, and data science to create living sensors. Their plants detect fungi, insect, and general stress within hours of infection and generate an artificial optical signal collected remotely.